Trinity Sunday!

Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday, the celebration of the triune(three in one) God. This is a difficult concept for even adults to comprehend let alone to explain to children.The Father is God, the Son is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. Three in one. But The Father is not the Son and neither one is the Holy Spirit. One in three. Rev. Anne believes that in the Gospel reading for last Sunday, John 16:12-15, Jesus gives us the best introduction to what we now refer to as the Trinity.

In order to understand this concept many analogies are often made. They include the shell, white, and yolk of an egg; the solid, liquid, and the gas states of water; and the three leaves of the shamrock that St. Patrick is reputed to have used  to explain it to his flock. But these analogies can be picked apart.

The word trinity is not found in the Bible. The idea of it was celebrated in the early church. In 1334, 158 years before Columbus set sail, Pope John XXI established a special date to celebrate it a week after Pentecost.

There are things in the Bible that can be explained and other things that can be proven. But a lot of our beliefs must be accepted on faith and trust in God. We can’t fully explain the Trinity because that’s how big and mysterious God and His ways are. And that is wonderful.

The children made posters of the Trinity. Next week will be the last Sunday School session before the summer break.

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