Apostle Paul travels to Corinth -the Sin City of the 1st Century to spread God’s word

The Rev. Frank Bailey – Sermon Sunday January 29, 2017

In letters to the large, but often, fractious church community which he had founded in Corinth, the Apostle Paul suggests that the Greek members focus too much on the so-called wisdom of their culture of philosophy, while the Jewish members are too frequently occupied with looking for divine signs. Paul finds that neither is the appropriate approach, but rather what the Corinthians need is to rely on faith – the faith that comes from a careful hearing of the Good News of Christ crucified, truly believing in the power of the Cross and the redemption of the resurrection, and then responding to this Good News. One response for us to consider: to instill within ourselves the need to take positive action to demonstrate our real love for our neighbor – that indeed our call as Christians is to do everything we can to make such a commitment to compassion..


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