Trinity Men’s Group


Trinity’s Men’s group was formed in the summer of 2016 with 10 men from the parish who felt they could accomplish more for the parish both as a social group and an outreach team. At the initial meeting we agreed to work on a monthly dinner with a movie for those who are in need in the community. We plan a meal, make fliers for the outreach centers, and request contributions from members of the parish. Several men arrange to pick up guests at location along Route 1.

As was stated we also felt the need to have a social activity once a month for the men of the parish. We have gone to a Triple AAA baseball game, played three hole golf, tried to do race cars,had a social evening with pizza and wings, held a car wash for fun and profit and have helped with the parish pancake dinner on Shrove Tuesday.

The other activities we have chosen to do are repairs to the property. As concerns are raised by the vestry and building and grounds committee, we have volunteered to help with grounds clean-up, installing new railings on the Thrift store, repairing signage, repairing interior wiring, installing exit signs, and helping parishioners with minor moves or cleaning.

Trinity’s men’s group is an active, exciting group always looking for new members with new ideas!